the knowledge industry from the world to Japan

Looking for technology?
 Looking for engineers?


Based in Japan Geo Adventures Inc is an agency specializing in IT recruiting aimed at bringing the knowledge industry from the world to Japan.


Japan has many engineering opportunities available to highly skilled professionals. If you are ready to begin a working adventure in Japan, then we are here to help you! We will provide support to find the perfect company and job for your skills and make your transition to Japan go as smoothly as possible.

Is Japanese required? What is the cost of living in Japan? Visa process?

Do they support my family? How do I find a Japanese company?

We are here to be a bridge between our clients and candidates, and support those talented candidates who are interested in relocating to Japan.  



Relocation Support

                   Visa Services 

 Our clients support visa process     for you and your family


  We provide house agents                  information

             Other Concerns

        You have the questions

      and we have the answers.

Recent News

2016.6.30      Selected for an innovator nurture program ‘Shido Next Innovator 2016’ which is sponsored

                        by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry New

2016.2.1  Recruitment info updated 

2015.3.1  Qualified as a Private Employment Recruitment Business 13-ユ-307005 

2015.2.26   Started Third-party allocation of shares to Samurai Incubate as a recipient

2014.12.12 Established Geo Adventures Inc


Geo Adventures Inc 

Founder & CEO Koichi Yoshikawa

Outside Director Kentaro Sakakibara (Samurai Incubate) 

Capital 7,500,000 Yen

Address Tokyoto Kotoku Aomi 2-7-4  828